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Chauffeur for Hire

At MG Chauffeurs, our Chauffeur for Hire in Melbourne is handpicked based on their experience, safety standards, and professionalism. They have extensive geographical knowledge and can take swift action in re-routing your journey in the event that there are any unexpected road blocks or heavy traffic.

Providing personalised service, Hire a Chauffeur Online Melbourne can provide you with recommendations to visit some of the most iconic locations in Victoria, including the Mornington Peninsula, Great Ocean Road, and the Twelve apostles.

At MG Chauffeurs, people are our priority and our chauffeurs for hire take pride in ensuring your satisfaction.It’s not just about transportation, we strive to create a comfortable, safe environment to ensure that at the end of your journey, you arrive at your destination, rested and ready to focus on what’s important.

Hire a Driver for Long Distance

Hire a chauffeur driver for long distance journeys across the city, state or country. Our licensed and professional long-distance chauffeur drivers will ensure a stress free, safe and comfortable journey.

At MG chauffeurs Hire Driver for Long Distance, we provide comfortable and affordable luxury vehicles, including larger vehicles such as vans and SUVs to accommodate family trips and larger groups. Our larger luxury vehicles provide ample leg space and luggage storage. A number of our luxury vehicles are also fitted with rear facing seats to allow passengers to easily engage in conversation during their journey.

Whether you prefer to take a long-distance scenic drive or are looking for a safer travel environment over flying, our long-distance chauffeur drivers will ensure you get to your destination without compromising safety and comfort.

Hire a Driver

It’s not just about getting to your destination, but ensuring your journey is a memorable experience which is both safe and comfortable.

Our professional chauffeur drivers are handpicked based on their experience, safety standards and professionalism. Whether you need an airport transfer, hotel transfer, or a personal Hire Chauffeur Driver for a Day (winery tours, tour guides), our professional chauffeur drivers can accommodate and provide you with flexibility in organising your trip.

Don’t know where you’re going or need a professional guide? Our professional drivers can provide you with recommendations to visit popular and scenic destinations, including the Grampians, the Great Ocean Road and Daylesford.

Your comfort is our pride. Our luxury cars are designed for comfort with leather seats, ample leg space and storage, bottled water and mints. Upon request our hired professional drivers provide a meet and greet service, escort passengers while assisting with luggage and accommodate to the travel needs of children who require baby seats and boosters.

Hire a Chauffeur Driver for a Day

Chauffeur Hire Melbourne driver for a day gives you the flexibility of planning multiple trips or running errands without the hassle and stress caused by delays in waiting for a taxi service or finding parking close to your destination. You can make last minutes changes to your trips or lengthen or shorten your stays at each destination, avoiding the need to stick to a rigid journey plan.

Whether you are attending business meeting or on a holiday, sight-seeing, you can trust our professional chauffeur drivers will ensure you have a seamless journey.

At MG Chauffeurs, our professional chauffeur drivers strive to provide premium services, tailored to your needs. Offering a 24/7 service, hiring a chauffeur driver for the day will allow you to focus on what’s important without the stress and hassle of getting to your destination.


How do I Hire a Chauffeur Service Online in Melbourne?

You may easily hire a chauffeur online to travel comfortably to an airport, for a wedding, for business, or just to go sightseeing. Regardless of what option you choose, you can be confident that you will receive a professional, Luxury Car hire service. Call (413) 470 470 immediately. As quickly as possible, please get in touch with us!

Can I Hire a Chauffeur Driver for the Entire Day?Yes, whether the trip is short or long, you can hire a chauffeur driver for a day or a single trip. Depending on the circumstances, drivers can be hired for a specific number of days.

Is It Safe for Single Women to Hire a Private Chauffeur Driver Online?
Yes, it’s safe for single women, and women can hire a private chauffer driver online from Mg chauffeurs. The chauffeur will take you to your exact destination in a safe and timely manner.