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Wedding Car Hire in Melbourne

Hire a wedding car online and create a memorable experience on your wedding day with MG Chauffeurs..
With a fleet of luxurious cars and professionally dressed and trained personal chauffeur drivers, MG chauffeurs will ensure that the bridal party, guests, family and friends will arrive on your special day, on time and in comfort, without the worry of missing a moment.

MG Chauffeurs’ Wedding Car Hire Melbourne package includes white wedding ribbons on the bonnet of the luxury car, bottled spring water, mints, and a bottle of champagne on ice.

Have a romantic location in mind for your photo shoot? Our professionally trained personal chauffeur drivers will handle every aspect of your transport and are happy to accommodate any requests to transport the bridal party or guests to various locations where photos can be taken or a special moment can be shared.

Your wedding day is one to remember. MG Chauffeurs wedding car hire package will be sure to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Contact MG Chauffeurs to book the best in the business for your wedding day with Wedding Car Chauffeur Melbourne.

Wedding Car Near Me

You’ve done the hard work and found the partner of your dreams. It’s time to walk down that isle and say “I do”.

MG Chauffeurs is not just a Wedding Chauffeur Service Melbourne. We strive to ensure that your special day is memorable from when you are picked up to when you are dropped off at the church, temple, other religious gatherings, or the reception. We take pride in focusing on the finer details and will include in your wedding package, ribbons and/or bows fitted on the bonnet of the luxury car, bottled champagne, mints, bottled water and other special requests.

We strive to put you at ease and appreciate that big life moments should be memorable and shared with your friends and loved-ones. Our professional chauffeured drivers can transport the bride and groom, the bridal party and any other guests to multiple destinations to attend a religious ceremony, attend the reception or take photos.

To finding a wedding car near you, contact MG Chauffeurs.

Luxury Car Hire Melbourne

Our Luxury Wedding Car for Hire at Melbourne Chauffeurs provides an adequate balance of comfort and technology to meet your travel needs.  All our luxury hire cars provide ample leg space and luggage storage, award winning interiors, leather upholstery and advanced safety features.

With a wide range of luxury hire cars including Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other luxury European cars, your next journey with MG Chauffeurs will be sure to impress.

Contact MG Chauffeurs to secure your luxury car.

Prestige Car Hire Melbourne

Providing the perfect balance of comfort and luxury, MG Chauffeurs prestige cars include a range of luxury European cars, Mercedes, BMW’s and Audi’s.

Commuting can be stressful, especially when you have to navigate through traffic, have a tight schedule or dealing with competing demands.

At MG Chauffeurs, we take pride in providing you with a comfortable space in our prestige cars, allowing you take a moment or make phone calls.

Our prestige cars provide ample leg room and storage, usb ports to charge your phone, mints and bottled water.

The luxurious interior of our vehicles is matched by the exterior design. With recent model car fleets, MG Chauffeurs will be sure to get you to your destination while leaving a long-lasting impression.

Upon request, our range of prestigious cars can be fitted with ribbons or bows or your special day.


What is the Maximum Capacity of Your Wedding Cars in Melbourne?

The day of the wedding is typically one to remember; therefore, to make it ideal, you need to rent both a decent car and a chauffeur. There are a number of them, which we shall go through in this section. As a result, if the important day is approaching and you are wondering whether hiring a Wedding Car in Melbourne  is a good idea.


Is Your Luxury Wedding Car Available for a Weekday Wedding in Melbourne?

We provide luxury cars for your special day. Our chauffeurs will safely take you to your destination, and the most skilled drivers operate our premium cars. To rent our Wedding Car in Melbourne  or have your immediate answers, call us immediately.


Is it important to hire a luxury wedding car in Melbourne?

There are many reasons to hire a luxury Wedding Car in Melbourne, and keeping your costs down is key. This can be done with the help of a wedding car. By arranging transportation for your guests, you can reduce some of the stress and ensure that everyone gets to their destinations on time.